Fairy lights for sale in South Africa and Africa direct from the manufacture. We have fairy lights in flash and non flash with many combinations. These lights can be used to brighten up any event.

The Fairy lights are decorative lights but can also be used as a lightsource in various places. Being easy to use and environmentally friendly makes the fairy lights a good alternative to torches.

Fairy lights are small electric lights that is on a string used to decorate mostly outdoor events but can be used indoor as well.

Fairy lights are small coloured electric lights that are hung up as decorations for example on a Christmas trees and outdoor night timed events. These lights are tough and durable because they contain no glass fragments. Our fairy lights are precision engineering at its best.

Africa Tents fairy lights will make any dull and boring venture into a bright and magical event. These lights are eco-friendly and kinder to the environment so you know you will be doing your part to save the planet.

The LED fairy lights are great as decorative lighting for weddings, garden lights, entertainment lights, deck lights and festival lighting. We can supply these in different colours or changing colours, flash and stable.

Fairy lights come in 10m steady white flash and also does a number of combinations for your viewing pleasure. Fairy lights are great for decorating events and setting the mood of a special occassion or season.

These twinkling fairy lights add much more cheer to the overall atmosphere because they are wonderfull to look at. Fairly lights are often kept in a box until Christmas time, but wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to use them all year round, they give off a unique glow which creates a beautiful ambiance, perfect for any occasion.

Fairy lights are for sale now at a very low price so call now and our friendly staff will assist you in purchasing these fairy lights.