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Popcorn machine for sale in South Africa at unbeatable prices you could never imagine. Popcorn machines are great for those cold and dark nights when you just want to sit back after a long day at work and relax with a movie.

Popcorn goes well with a hot cup of hot chocolate, its just the thing you need to sooth your mind of all lifes kickbacks. With our popcorn machines you become the boss beacuse you have the privelage of choosing what ingredients and how much gets put in the machine so you end up with a masterpiece that you created.

Our popcorn machines are roughly 18kg in weight and has a dimension of 52cm x 42cm x 65cm so its neither hard or space comsuptions to have a round.

Popcorn by itself is an easy treat to make for large crowds and is quite light when it comes to calories – unless you love to pour on the melted butter. However, even with plenty of finger-licking butter, popcorn is still a high-fiber snack and certainly won’t hurt your overall meal planning if you eat healthfully at other times.

The popcorn you make yourself often has a better texture than the microwaved variety and you can control how much butter, salt and seasoning goes on.

Popcorn poppers create a relatively healthy treat because they require less oil and preservatives than prepackaged popcorn. Investing in the best popcorn popper for your household can also save you money on prepackaged or concession-stand popcorn in the long term. It is sure to be a popular attraction among your family and friends during parties, movie nights or other fun gatherings.

Popcorn machines are great for parties and shows because its quick, clean and easy to use with non of the fusses. If you buy one you will never go wrong.

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